Emotional Photographs From The Middle East Revolts

Getty photographer John Moore enjoys living life on the dangerous side of the lens. The Pulitzer Prize winner has traveled the world covering wars in Somalia, Afghanistan, South Africa, and Central America. Back in February he was sent out on assignment to cover the uprising in Egypt and wound up staying to report on the military actions of Gaddafi in Libya and revolts in Bahrain. Halfway through his travels, John's cameras were confiscated and he was left to shoot with one of these. The images in this video are intense but are probably the most remarkable photographs I've seen during these political uprisings in the Middle East.

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HDSLR with fisheye and some software it to run/pan/zoom in iPad. Nice idea! I'm only concernet about resolution. Maybe enough for now and surely going to need 4K in the future.

That was amazing. Some of the best photographs ive ever seen. So much emotion in them. your the man.

On a tragic note: Sad news about the loss of Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros who were covering Libya. May all our colleagues in hazardous environments find their way back home safe.

Wyatt M.