The Holy City Like You've Never Seen It Before

The Holy City Like You've Never Seen It Before

The current issue of TIME Magazine is focusing on the growing population of the ultra-Orthodox community in Jerusalem and the way it changes the city. They sent Israeli photographer and Pulitzer Prize winner, Oded Balilty, to photograph ultra-Orthodox families and neighborhoods, and the results are really amazing. It looks like the images were taken in a different universe or time.

Jerusalem is my home, and where I lived most of my life, and even for me the images look surreal. Jerusalem looks nothing like the images below, and if you've been there you know that. Really amazing to get a sneak peak inside those ultra-Orthodox communities and get a sense of how they live their (very different) lives. Jerusalem like you never seen it before.


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I lost my damn shekel!


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good thing the Jewish "joke" is written in Russian Cyrillic and not Hebrew

All I can see is a city full of rats feeding on the blood of other people.

While I disagree with the political birth of Israel, their politis towards their neighbours and general international attitude, your comment is insulting the people in these very pictures which have NOTHING to do with policy making,

You are an ass, an ignorant, and you could use a little bit of judgement in your day to day life.

I have nothing to do with Jews or any other religion. In fact I don't care what religion they believe in. Everybody knows that their presence is illegal in that spot of the world. Yes, we had some neighbor Jews in the past, and we lived in piece. Just like Christian and Muslims. But those mercenaries, terrorists, who came from all over the world to occupy my land by force are not welcome, and should be punished.

It seems that the photographer has only one eye. He saw the Jews, but not the Christians or Muslims in the city.  What a bias !?

Wow you are ignorant.

He stated that it was a study/report/essay on the ultra-orthodox communities... not jerusalem in general... Tell me what a christian would do in an essay about orthodox-jews... moron.

And yes you have unresolved issue borderlining terrorism when you speak of punishement. 

And I despise (I'am repeating myself here, in case you can't get it) their lack morals in the way they handle settlements.

But the people you see in these pictures have NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Stop insulting people you don't know for something they are not responsible for...

It only shows your lack of judgement.

"they have a lack of morals in the way they handle the settlements" what a joke and weird way of thinking.
So in your oppinion , it's ok to live in other people property , but its the way how they did it.
Those people that you think they have noting to do with it are armed , from the 5years old child to the oldest pig of them. And let me say it again in case you have a brain malfunction. We don't care if those thieves are Jews or Muslims. They have to leave our country (all Palestine) and go back to their origin countries and let us live in peace.

Terrorism!? Can you tell me what the american army still doing in Iraq and Afaganestan. And why they went there the first place? What do you call it ... A vacation !?
As american you should be the last one to speak of terrerosim ... Shame on you.

To be honest Noam, it looks like this once in a while in Montreal around the Mount-Royal...

The orthodox community here is impressive and.... very vocal of their belief to say the least.