Mother Captures Daughter - Beautiful Series by Holly Spring

Mother Captures Daughter - Beautiful Series by Holly Spring

Holly Spring is a portrait photographer based out of New Zealand famous for her dreamy artwork. She began her photography career after her daughter had struggled early on in life with Hirschsprung’s Disease. Her sweet daughter also doesn't have her left hand. She wanted to show her daughter that there are no limits to what she can achieve if she just believes in herself.

My daughter is my muse and my heart that inspires me to follow my passion and share these unique photos and digital art with you,” says Holly.

Her whimsical and imaginative portrait series of her daughter are beautiful and inspiring. Her photography won the NZIPP/Epson Iris Portrait Creative Photographer of the Year award in 2014.

(Photographer’s Note: the last image of the Giraffe showing my daughter with the wrong limb difference is intentional for creative purposes and continuity of light and narrative. This image was awarded a Gold at the prestigious NZIPP Epson Iris Awards this year.)

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All images used with permission.

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Mujtaba Sayed's picture

Beautiful and amazing photography

Fantastic. Best new (to me) portraiture i've seen for a while. Thanks for finding this Lindsey!

Brian MacLochlainn's picture

i'll send you some pictures of shitty nappies to help bring you back from the edge :)

sorry this was supposed to be a reply to Kyle Fords comments and I cannot delete it now.... might seem a little out of context as is, sorry again

Lovely images

Kyle Ford's picture

These are great, ALMOST makes me want to have kids. . almost.

Anonymous's picture

These are very cute images, with nice attention to color and lighting. I love the message to her daughter. I have some issues, thought, with some of the compositing; there are some problems with perspective in #2 (the leaves on the water), and perspective and blending modes in #6 (the falling purple feathers, as well as their placement on the ground plane), that could have been corrected with a little bit of attention. And I'm not really sure what to make of #5. On a personal level, I hate fake blurry vignettes, but that's not technical--just taste!

I'm not hating, since I know very well that this stuff is not easy--I do love the concept, the subject, and the message. But for me, the issues with the execution take away from the otherwise excellent underpinnings.

Anonymous's picture

nice postproduction.... i like it.

There are some beautiful color palettes, very nicely controlled tones and wonderful expressions in these. What a brilliant collection of images for your daughter to have when she grows up.

(Aside from the momtographer-with-PS-action eyes in the second last one. Not sure what happened there.)

Christian Berens's picture

Wonderful photos! I Love the color!!