Powerful Ad Campaign, How Facebook 'Likes' Don't Help

Powerful Ad Campaign, How Facebook 'Likes' Don't Help

"Liking isn't helping"

Ad agency Publicis Singapore, put together that powerful tag line for Crisis Relief Singapore's latest ad campaign. The C.R.S. is a disaster relief organization run by volunteers. The jarring ads reveal the fact that simply clicking on a 'Like' button doesn't help crisis situations. 

The three ads: Flood, War and Earthquake, used real press photographs with dropped in 'Thumbs Up' to reflect the famous Facebook button. It is a powerful statement that definitely tugs at the heartstrings and shines light onto the fact that simply clicking on a button doesn't help.

The compelling motive can best be summarized in the copy, “Be a volunteer. Change a life.”

CrisisReliefSingapore1 Flood

CrisisReliefSingapore2 War

CrisisReliefSingapore3 Earthquake

Via Design Taxi and Buzzfeed

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lexpaul's picture

Nice Campaign

Devon Mather's picture

I love the minor irony of the 'Like' button on this page.

Thomas Lawn's picture

I'm really fighting the urge to post this on Facebook...

Ruffis's picture

Perhaps Facebook should step up & show support to this campaign.

Don Kirby's picture

This would be a good time for Facebook to monetize the 'Like' button, adding the ability to donate to official charity pages by linking that 'Like' button to a PayPal account. 'Put your money where your mouse is' as it were.

Simon's picture

If people spent less time on Farcebook and more time actually doing something to benefit humanity we can only imagine the immeasurable amount of good that could be achieved.

Lorenzo P's picture

All I have to say is that I strongly agree with you on this!!

Tony Wood's picture

It has the option to Pin these photographs to Pintrest ...

Andrew Griswold's picture

Man would I have liked to be a fly on the wall when this got tossed around the ideas of the marketing team. I would like to think it was a unanimous decision and everyone said "hell yes, thats what we are doing!"

Asher's picture

While i agree with the concept, surely there would be a correlation between likes given and donations received. Even if all they were able to get out of it was how well each ad campaign was received, that would still help them to improve future campaigns.

Greg Brave's picture

Not sure I totally agree with this campaign. Not everybody can (or even want) to volunteer their time, however there are many that do. The more likes such images and stories receive on Facebook, the more people will see them. So there will be much greater chance that these images reach those people that do want to donate or volunteer. Just my 50 cents.

Fernando Garcia's picture

Amazing Campaign!

Alik Griffin's picture

From what I understand from an SEO perspective, it's better to share than like anyway. So many websites have 'like' on their content, but really share is better, because every time you share something you're actually posting it on your wall vs just a notification and it should eventually give your blog or site better SERPs ranking. And if someone shares something on a facebook page, these pages actually pass pagerank. Just saying. :)

Weblicator's picture

I am agree with Greg Brave about likes will be much greater chance that these images reach those people that do want to donate or volunteer.

Jawiman Ramallosa's picture