Ty Foster Takes a Shot at Unique Pet Photography with His "Lick" Project

Ty Foster Takes a Shot at Unique Pet Photography with His "Lick" Project

A couple weeks ago we reviewed a book by Carli Davidson that was a culmination of a long-term project called "SHAKE." Not long after, we came across Ty Foster's project that focuses on another aspect of something many of us love about dogs. His project is called "Lick" and it's gosh darned adorable.

Ty's idea for the project formed back in March of 2012 when he was shooting a project for a client. "While running through all the images that were shot I would find myself laughing out loud at how great the expressions were that some of the dogs had while licking in studio. The best way to describe it would be an 'a-ha' moment, I just kept thinking to myself, 'this would be a great book!'"




After the 8 initial dogs I had photographed, Ty put out a casting call out on his blog and posted it on Facebook as well. "We just asked for as many different breeds as we could get. We weren't picky at all, we wanted a large variety of breeds."




To me, it's amazing how human-like the facial expressions can look in these photos. There is an absurd amount of personality packed into these images. It's really quite impressive. You would expect him to work on this kind of thing full time, but that's not the case.

"The Lick project has been a side project we've been working on for almost a year and we are about half way done. We have been tossing the idea of creating a book and all the logistics that go along with that, possibly a kickstarter in the near future. After seeing Carli's Shake project, I was blown away at the slow motion video and I've been kicking myself for not incorporating a motion aspect."



"Everything we shot was photographed with a 5D Mark II and the 24-70mm L II. That series two lens is a beautiful piece of glass, it's endured a ton of slobber. As for lighting, we used (3) 500w Bowen Gemini's and a mix of Bowen and Westcott modifiers."

You can see more of Ty's work and his "Lick" project at his website.

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Jeku Arce's picture

I ran into this same idea last month after a headshot client said, "Hey, let's take some photos of my puppy!" There's a lot of patience doing this. Timing is key. Puppy got bored after a while.

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haha these are great!

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Haha, incredible, I did the same with my dog a bit over a year ago!

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I love taking headshots and I also tried it with my pet (check out the collection at my fb page @ https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.662167053814945.1073741899.556...

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My dogs do this every time I point a camera at them.

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Lick it like it's hot!

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My bully

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chummy tamayao's picture

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