V Magazine Photographs The Human Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova

Many of you may might have already heard of her and she's been unofficially labeled as the 'human doll'. Recently, she's even become a bit of an internet sensation. Meet Valeria Lukyanova. Though she's not unfamiliar to most, V Magazine decided to run a feature on her, shot by photographer, Sebastian Faena. 

They brought her to NY from Ukraine and shot her for the spread. Many people question the authenticity of Valeria, but regardless of your view on her, she makes for quite a debate and grabs everyone's attention out of fascination. Her eyes, for instance, are exaggerated through makeup and contacts.






V Magazine also sat down and interviewed her:

What is a typical day in the life of Valeria?

VALERIA LUKYANOVA In the morning I work on my face and I get a massage, then I spend some time on the Internet. I meditate and travel in my astral body, and after that I work out at the gym. I go for a walk with my best girlfriend, I get home, and I make dinner for the man I love. Then I spend some more time on the Internet, do some reading and meditating, and go to bed.


Do you primarily consider yourself a singer, a model, or an artist?

VL These are just different labels for my creative potential, but they don’t describe my true essence. I’m a teacher at the School of Out-of-Body Travel. It’s an international school in which our instructors show students how to leave their physical body and travel in their spiritual body, where you can visit any place on the planet and in the universe. I know that this is the future of mankind and that it has huge potential. Hidden reserves will be tapped soon.


Were you always interested in the metaphysical? Did you study it from a young age?

VL The questions of what we are and why we exist have interested me from my earliest childhood. Thanks to a large library of esoteric books collected by my mother, I was able to learn a lot.


How do you feel about your Internet popularity stemming mostly from your physical appearance?

VL I believe that because of it I have a responsibility to bring more good, light, and positive emotions to people. I want to share my art and my music and tell people about my spiritual ideas. When you feel happy, you want to tell everyone about it so that others become happier too.


Are you surprised by some of the negative reactions you have received?

VL No. I know the other side of celebrity is negativity, but I see it in a positive light. If people care about me, then I am on the right path. In real life, I never hear bad things.


You can read the rest of the interview here:


[Via V Magazine]

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Zach Sutton's picture

...She scares me :-

Aaron Lee Kafton's picture

what she looked like back in 2007. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPH3FpzguWk

she's probably had work done before this, but i think most of her gimmick is being overshopped the same way 

theNibbler's picture

seems like she only has this one expression.....

Estefani Vawyngarden's picture

I was thinking the same thing!!!

Anto de Chav's picture

So does a Barbie doll....  lol

Aaron Lee Kafton's picture

in soviet russia, only one expression has you.

johnbp123's picture


theNibbler's picture

freaks me out....

theNibbler's picture

i guess she would make a fortune in japan as a manga geisha.

Dennis Katinas's picture

She's amazing, I would really like to learn more about what she's talking about, sounds amazing! Great work and words! 

Christopher Feather's picture

That first pic is absolutely amazing.. She sounds like a great person. Very well spoken and full of life.. total opposite of what she seems to portray.. 

Dana Marié Borbely's picture

She says she is trying to bring positivity? How is being plastic and completely fake bringing positivity to people? Clearly all the plastic has gone to her head and made her more stupid than she was. Now young girls are going to want to look like HER and make people negative about their bodies...

"Oh! A human barbie would look so hot!" said no one ever. 

If no one ever said, "Oh! A human barbie would look so hot!",  then your logic is flawed, because your quote that, "Now young girls are going to want to look like HER and make people negative about their bodies..." does not make any sense.Your two stated opinions contradict each other. Do you want to look like her?  I am sure your answer is no which proves your theory is wrong in that  "girls are going to want to look like her".  You also called her stupid, do you know her?  I am guessing that you would never say the things that you have stated here to the woman in a face to face conversation so my question to you is why is it ok for you to do here and in this format?  Yeah, everyone is entitled to their opinion but does it have to be so rude and harsh and if so does it need to be expressed that is the question.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Rebecca Britt's picture

"She says she is trying to bring positivity? How is being plastic and completely fake bringing positivity to people? "

This I agree with. I don't know how altering your body in this fashion is suppose to bring any positivity to anyone. Well, other than yourself, that is, but if she's happy I suppose that's all that matters. As far as the stupid comment, I'm not so sure because I don't know her, but I will say that all of that out of body traveling crap is pretty weird... then again that's just my opinion. 

I submit that her interest in discovering more about "what we are and why we exist" and her methodologies are just as strange to you as yours as a mormon are to her...

Rebecca Britt's picture

We are a strange ass bunch, aren't we?

Albi Kl's picture

Few go to such lengths for the sake of their work knowingly facing the inevitable wrath of their detractors. As a creative I can only hope to one day produce a work so profound.

Dennis Katinas's picture

great words :)

Mbutu Namubu's picture

The human barbie has been well known on the net for years. This is just further proof that the print media is late to the game and out of touch.

MarvElous Neez's picture

I thought this article would be this story more towards realistic...it just bought me further away  she teaches outer body travel?? 

Sara Cunningham's picture

She's extremely lacking in the facial expression department... Ugh.

sweetnurse4u's picture

Lol!  adds to that plastic face look!  ...ewww!  I think it is creepy, especially those doll eyes!

RepublicWay's picture

I think for what she envisioned to do - She's doing it and very successful at it. Kudos to her. No Matter what a person does, there will always be haters...I for one am not one of them when it comes to her. I think she created her own niche. Again, kudos to her.

JP Zajackowski's picture

I absolutely agree!

Roman France's picture

A bit bizarre to say the least. For someone who seems to be so into the metaphysical and believes deeply in this idea of connected consciousness, it's a little hypocritical to go out and modify your body in such extreme and vain ways. She's kind of a walking contradiction.

RUSS's picture

for any interested...


Martin Esquives's picture

I'm afraid that this will only be a gimmick for a limited time. Well afraid and pleased. Personally I am opposed for people to alter their body's in such an extreme way, on the other hand if it makes them happy, go for it. 
I wonder how she will look in 20 years. How will her numerous surgeries impact her body in the long run? I really hope that the majority of young women look at her and think "wow, that's crazy!" and that's that. 
People are already obsessed enough about their appearance.

Another thing, isn't it funny that a person that teaches in outer body travel, works so hard on keeping her body looking like it does?  

Debbie Davies's picture

I think I saw her once in real life on the London underground. I have never seen anyone look as striking as her. without all of the makeup and studio work she is completely beautiful.

Xavi Galvez's picture

This girl is just great, she's to makes our lifes easier as we wouldn't need any retouching on his unreal plastic skin and shapes :)

Spy Black's picture

So does she have a rubber pussy too?...

Antoine Boyo's picture

 No mater what you do, as long as it's extreme, there will always be people to call it "creativity". If I swap my hands and feet, will you call it creativity? I call it stupidity.

Paul Eekhoff's picture

This is just the beginning.....a burgeoning interest in body modification, genetic modification, and a narcissistic fascination with ourselves and a fetish for celebrity, we will see more and more Lukyanovas. What seems alien and strange now will become normalized behavior.

Aputure's picture

"I meditate and travel in my astral body, and after that I work out at the gym."  LOL, the fact that barbie does this kind of stuff is pretty ironic and awesome.