13 Mind-Bending Thoughts About Photography

While sipping my morning coffee I said to myself, "I sure wish I had a cool, thought provoking and entertaining video to watch with this (something that relates to me as a photographer)". And wouldn't you know it, my wish came to me in the form of an email from video director Matthew Rycroft .  If I knew wishes were coming true today I might have asked for a moonwalking pony or a night with an all girl thrash metal punk band. But, not knowing what to do with either of those I'm just thankful to have these 13 Mind-Bending Thoughts About Photography. So, from all of us slow morning starters, thanks for the video Matt.

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These revelations about photography may make your brain explode. 

Created by Matthew Rycroft
Major kudos to Reddit. The ‘thoughts’ in this video were inspired by Reddit's shower thoughts.
The video footage is all public domain from Pond5.
The voiceover is from Fiverr.
The subtitles are inspired by the Spritz speed-reading app.
Music: "Sandstorm" by Darude.

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