5 Great Photo Editing Tricks in Lightroom

You might think that Photoshop is the place for more advanced edits, and while that is generally true, it often surprises people just how much you can get done using only Lightroom. This excellent video will show you five great editing tricks to take your images further when working in Lightroom.

Coming to you from Mango Street, this great video will show you five tricks for taking your edits further in Lightroom. Personally, I try to avoid jumping into Photoshop whenever I can, simply because I like to keep everything all in one place, and I find it quicker. In addition to the video's great tips, one I love to use is the radial filter for creating off-center vignettes. I add a light vignette to almost all my images, but rarely is my subject dead center, which makes the traditional vignette tool not particularly useful for my purposes. Instead, I use the radial filter tool to add a vignette centered over my subject by lowering the exposure by about a third of a stop outside the filter and adding a heavy feather to make the transition invisible. Check out the video above for the full rundown of all the techniques. 

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