7 Features of Adobe Premiere You Might Not Have Seen Before

Adobe Premiere Pro is a tremendously complex program, and within it are a ton of features that can make your life easier that you might not know about yet. This fantastic will show you how seven lesser-known features that can make your video-editing life a lot easier and more efficient. 

Coming to you from Cinecom.net, this excellent video will show you seven useful but lesser-known features that can make your video-editing sessions a lot easier and more efficient. Of them, my personal favorite is audio track keyframes. Audio keyframes are just like the keyframes you are already used to for video effects: they allow you to demarcate a specific adjustment to the audio at some point in time. You can use them for volume work, such as reining in sudden spikes, dropping a soundtrack under speaking, or to create nice fade-ins and fade-outs for professional polish, as well as a variety of other tasks. They are quite similar to the techniques professional audio editors use. Check out the video above for lots of helpful tips!

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Don't use premiere anymore but these were good tips