Are These 10 Common Photography Tips Worth Listening To?

If you spend any amount of time consuming photographic educational content, you've probably heard a lot of the same tips repeated almost to the point of cliché. This interesting video examines which of those tips are worth committing to memory and which are probably a bit overrated.

Coming to you from Kaiman Wong, this great video examines 10 common photography tips and just how worthwhile they truly are. Of them, one that always particularly irked me was the mantra that gear doesn't matter. Yes, the spirit of the quote has a good message: namely, that it's detrimental to become overly fixated on having the latest and greatest gear at the expense of investing time and money in bettering your technique and creativity. Nonetheless, it's overly reductive to speak in absolutes as if any camera and lens combination should be able to get any shot so long as the photographer has the right skills. The simple truth is that better cameras and lenses will help a competent photographer get the shot and may actually be the only gear capable of getting shots near the edge of the envelope. Check out the video above for more common tips and Wong's take on them. 

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