Avoid These Five Things While Posing Hands in Portraits

A good photo can be ruined by the bad placement of a hand in the shot. This part of the body can be overlooked while shooting, but can have a drastic effect on your outcome. If you are unsure of how to pose hands, this video will help.

Coming to you from portrait and fashion photographer Lindsay Adler, she shares five things to avoid while posing hands. I have heard several people, models and non-models alike, express they aren't quite sure what to do with their hands. These five tips on what to avoid will help you know what to avoid or how to give them better directions on how to pose their hands.

Throughout each tip, Adler goes into detail on why we should avoid these things and how to give your shots a more relaxed look. For most of us, hands are tricky; even in other forms of art, like drawing and painting, they are definitely a challenging part of the body. I personally hated drawing hands, and while this won't help must with my art skills, these tips do come in handy when posing. 

Which was your favorite tip on what to avoid? What other tips do you have on posing hands? 

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David Love's picture

I don't like hands on the face at all. I call it spiders attacking face because most of the time it looks unnatural and odd. New models do this a lot. It reminds me of stock pics, "Look I'm angry, look I'm sad, look i'm in Home Alone."

Jay Jay's picture

A more critical pose, which i didn't see mentioned in the video, is to not have the back of the hand fact the camera straight on, as this will make the hand look huge in the photo.The studio lighting will also make all the veins and bones on the back of the hand stand out, which you can see in her foreshortening segment.

And has anyone ever shot a model where they posed with their palms facing the camera? I cant ever recall anyone ever doing that.

Blake Aghili's picture

Lindsay is the best educator .