A Beginner's Guide to Long Exposure Photography

One of the most popular techniques for beginners to try with an advanced camera is long exposures, as it allows you to explore a world of new creative ideas. If you are just learning the technique, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you the basics of how it is done. 

Coming to you from Photo Genius, this great video will show you the basics of long exposure photography. Long exposures are highly popular for anything from smoothing out frothy waves to capturing nighttime cityscapes. One thing to note is that while you can keep closing the aperture down past f/11 or f/16 to increase the exposure time, this is not ideal, as you will start to introduce diffraction, which will reduce the sharpness of the image. Rather, if you are already at a narrow aperture and the lowest ISO your camera can handle, try using an ND filter instead. ND filters are simply like sunglasses for your lens in that they cut down the amount of light transmitted to your sensor, allowing you to increase exposure times. Using one will also allow you to take long exposures during daylight hours and not just in low-light situations. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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