Best Tripod Practices for Videographers

While some tripods come with a basic set of instructions on how to work its features, many won’t show how to get the most out of them. Check out these 13 tripod tips for videographers.

In this video from, filmmaker and educator Jordy Vandeput shares his secrets for using, carrying, and caring for a tripod correctly. There are also a few tips and exercises for improving the coordination between you and the camera mounted to a tripod. With practice, the tripod can become an extension of yourself and nailing the perfect shot won’t take half a day to get just right.

One thing that took me way too long to finally learn to do correctly is balancing the weight of my camera on the tripod head. I used to always line up the plate centered on the head rather than moving it back or forth to make it balance and feel weightless. Getting this right means smoother movements and less stress on your gear to hold up the weight. Don’t be like me; watch the video above.

Now that we have these tips established, check out’s YouTube playlist that has many different videos on using a tripod or monopod more creatively for more interesting looking video productions.

What are your own tips for using tripods? Share in the comments below.

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Govind Vijayakumar's picture

In order to get the best out of your tripod one needs to have the best tripod for shooting. This depends whether he is shooting landscape photography or portrait photography or wildlife photography, video or audio. So I am sharing my guide to select the best ways to select the tripod according to the purpose.

Making the right tripod selection will help in getting the maximum out of the tripod

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Watch the video form 4mn till 4.30.
The only interesting tips are there...