Breaking the Myths about Social Media Marketing

Needless to say how important social media is to the growth of your business. It is always good to have a clear and focused strategy when it comes to social media management. This video from Vanessa Joy throws light on the common misconceptions in the world of social media and why it is important to break them. 

How many times have you got a message in your inbox that claims to get you a million followers for so X dollars? There are many pages online that have folds of followers more than you, but if you take a look at the likes per pictures, it just wouldn't be proportionate to the number of followers they have. That puts a big cross on your credibility when a viewer watches it. Also, it is not just the number of likes that matter but the kind of engagement you get which practically helps. And a good engagement depends on the kind of content you keep posting online. The more interesting is it, the more the engagement will be. Consistency is the key.

Do you have a social media plan? Are you doing it on your own or have an expert to do the honours for you? Either way, having a plan is critical, without which your efforts will lead you nowhere. Now hop on to the full video and find out what Vanessa has said about this essential topic of discussion.  

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Kirk Darling's picture

Posting so-called "popular content" is an avenue to being sued by the orignal artist who owns that work.

I copyright my stuff. Post it on your social media for your own commercial benefit, and I will sue you and I will get many thousands of your dollars in statutory fines.

Jen Photographs's picture

Agree. UGC should only be reposted if you have the original photographer's permission.

But what about text posts/articles that have share options?