Can You Be a Wedding Photographer as an Introvert?

Wedding photography takes the ability to interact with and direct numerous people over the span of sometimes 12-16 hours, and it can be an exhausting experience even for the most extroverted of those among us. Many creatives tend to be introverted, however, which may leave you wondering: if you are an introvert, should you avoid becoming a wedding photographer? This great video discusses the topic.

Coming to you from Taylor Jackson, this thoughtful video discusses the topicĀ of introverts being wedding photographers. No doubt, wedding photography takes a tremendous amount of energy for any person, and when you add in the finite social energy an introverted person has, it can be all the more difficult. That does not mean you absolutely should not do it, however, and in fact, a lot of successful wedding photographers I know are actually fairly introverted people when they are not behind the camera. If it is something you have been thinking about, check out the video above for lots of helpful insights from Jackson.

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Wes Perry's picture

Much similar to his experience, probably 50%+ of the wedding photogs I know (myself included) are introverts. I suspect introverts, by nature, believe that they're in the minority, when in fact, they aren't ;)

Richard Hart's picture

There is a huge misconception about the meaning of an introvert and an extrovert. The general understanding has changed.

An introvert is generally happy in their own company where as an extrovert actively looks for other people to do things with. It has nothing to do with being shy or energy levels.