Common Problems Faced by Landscape Photographers and How to Overcome Them

Every genre of photography comes with its own common problems, and landscape photography is no different. This great video examines three of the most common problems landscape photographers face and how you can overcome them.

Coming to you from First Man Photography, this excellent video talks about some of the most common problems faced by landscape photographers and what you can do to get past them. Of the issues, I think finding original compositions is probably the one we all face most commonly. I personally think that while the grand destinations we all dream about going to and photographing are wonderful, it's easy to overlook just how much we can get out of spending time exploring our own locales. While where you live might not be as exciting as some of the popular landscape destinations, if you spend a lot of time truly exploring an environment, you might find it holds a lot more possibilities than you initially thought it did. That's often where you'll be able to find some truly original shots. Check out the video above for more helpful tips on common issues we face. 

And if you really want to dive into landscape photography, check out "Photographing the World 1: Landscape Photography and Post-Processing!"

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Thomas Starlit's picture

Has Fstoppers become a video-sharing platform, disguised as a photography blog? It seems to me that more and more "articles" are merely a handful of words introducing a video

Duane Klipping's picture

Many of your really good photographers have vlogs and do not do much writing. Video is their method for teaching and sharing. Fstoppers does a good job finding these videos and share the ones that are content worthy.

Many photographers would rather be shooting than sitting behind a monitor writing a blog or article. This way they can be on a shoot and teach their craft. Lighten up...

imagei _'s picture

It's not a matter of lightening up but rather not being able to consume potentially interesting content because it is wrapped in a video.

As for me I don't have enough time in the day to watch videos that may or may not be worth my time. With a written article I can quickly scan it and decide if I'm interested in a matter of seconds. Videos? I just skip.

Also, are you very sure recording and publishing a video is much quicker than writing an article? I would suspect if it is, it's probably poorly produced video, not worth watching in the first place.

Good for you. You skip them. Well done. Now move on. That's right, the world doesnt revolve around you mate.

JetCity Ninja's picture

video is what's generating the most ad revenue with the least amount of effort through content distributors like Youtube. if they got as much or more money through writing and could distribute their ideas to a wide audience with minimal effort, you'd see them writing. it's far easier to do than producing a video. if they're doing video because they love it, and love teaching, you'd think most would at least write a script instead of rambling for 10:01 under a clickbait title so they show up in searches.

this excellent video will help you identify clickbait on youtube and streamline your searches to find videos that are both slickly produced and have runtimes that match their titles.

What I hate almost as much as dust on my sensor: clicking on an "article" only to find out they are sharing a video.

I'd rather have fewer well written articles than a bunch of garbage and it's up to me to dig it out the diamonds.

JetCity Ninja's picture

this excellent video from JetCity Ninja will help you find and discover more garbage diamonds using the Youtube search function.

i'm not saying video dumps, like this blog post being disguised as an attempt at a "discussion" of the video's topics, are actually just staff writers who are shamelessly promoting their friends' or affiliates' Youtube content. that's for you to decide.

you need a new post tag to help some of us avoid these types of landmines. may i suggest "Fstoppers Affiliated Youtube Dump Post," to go along with "Fstoppers Original"? i only suggest this since certain posters continue to use clickbait titles like this one.

Alex Cooke's picture

You seem to think there's some grand conspiracy of nepotism at play here when there's not. I know almost none of the YouTubers whose content I share personally. If it's good educational content, it gets shared. Period. Not sure how the title is clickbait when it describes exactly what the video contains. Also, posts with videos will have a play icon on the lead image on the front page, so you can avoid those if you don't want to watch a video.

JetCity Ninja's picture

grand conspiracy? you give yourself far too much credit. simply felt misled and pointed that out since this post had no outward evidence of being a video dump unlike the post you made just prior to this one.

"Also, posts with videos will have a play icon on the lead image on the front page, so you can avoid those if you don't want to watch a video."

it wasn't that way for the past 21 hours and you know it. i'm well aware of the site's features. if you're right, i would have complained in the post you'd made just prior to this one, the one that was posted with a video preview, unlike this one until you changed it.

Alex Cooke's picture

I'm not denying I forgot to add the link. Again, the rest of your complaints had nothing to do with the missing link and discussed how you felt we were "dumping videos" just to help friends, associates, etc., which is not the case. You had complaints far beyond the missing link and I was addressing those.

David Pavlich's picture

Then there's people like me that are retired and shoot whenever we want to. :-) Many of us geezers also have the time to watch videos. I read a lot as well, but being a visual guy, I enjoy the videos if they are of interest to me. If you see a video based article here and you don't like video based articles, skip it. It's like having the radio on and Abba 'roars' through the speakers. I change the channel in hopes of finding Iron Maiden.

JetCity Ninja's picture

i enjoy a well produced video, too. an honest title and intro would affect neither your opportunity to watch a video nor my desire not to. i didn't know that this post was just another video dump until i clicked on the title.

Alex Cooke not only manufactured a misleading title that insinuated a discussion, but also created a misleading intro paragraph, further reinforcing the title but purposely keeping the fact that it's just a video dump out of the post preview. furthering the deception, the preview image at the top and on the front page is a screenshot instead of a video preview (no play icon in upper left of image). that's usually a quick indicator that it's a video dump post and not an actual "article." it feels designed purely to get you to click to continue the "discussion," only to reveal that it's not a discussion, but just a video of someone talking at you.

i feel it's that deceit that's at the core of commenters' frustrations and it is for me, at least. had either the title or the intro paragraph had specified that it's just a talking at, and not a discussion with, i could've avoided it. sure, someone will think, or even say, "it's just a click, chill out, just hit the back button and move on," but the misrepresentation damages trust in the brand and the video dumper.

i clicked, expecting to join a discussion on the topic here in the comments section and instead i feel hoodwinked and am left writing about betrayal.

Alex Cooke's picture

As I mentioned in my other reply to you, posts with a video will have a play icon on the front page, as you can see here. And how on earth is the intro paragraph misleading? It literally says in the second sentence "This video..." It in no way insinuates a further discussion and does nothing but give a brief summary of the forthcoming video. Again, just look for the play icon on the front page. If you're left wanting a discussion on the topic in the comments section, feel free to start it; that's why that section is here.

JetCity Ninja's picture

i JUST went back to the main page to screen shot it and it's been changed. both the image preview and the top image on the post are now replaced.

you know you just did this in the past 5-10 minutes.

i feel like a twit for not posting the screenshot.

i rarely neg a comment on this site no matter how ludicrous or abusive the post, but you've earned my second ever neg. you wont care because i'm beneath you, but i'm ashamed to have negged your comment because you lack integrity.

maybe you just made a mistake in posting, especially since you didn't do the same thing to the video post just prior (, but your altering of the post, preview and lead image and use of a new screenshot to disprove and discredit my observation and opinion is deserving of whatever adjectives are thrown your way.

besides, anyone can see my profile and past comments to judge for themselves my integrity. this will be my last comment regarding this post because it's just plain facepalmy.

Alex Cooke's picture

The article was missing the YouTube video link, which I fixed. The intro paragraph has always mentioned the presence of a video, and that doesn't change the fact that you seem to think I'm trying to pull a bunch of favors for friends and the like, which I'm not.

Glad you saw the light and stopped replying because it is just utter nonsense spewing from your fingertips, ninjaboy.

JetCity Ninja's picture

it feels like some of the hired bloggers on fstoppers don't care to actually have a discussion, but simply want to promote Youtube videos produced by their friends, associates, etc. by dropping them in a blog post then walking away.

Phillip Breske's picture

I'm truly curious: Do all Fstoppers writers get paid for "articles" like this one? How much can a person make by watching, summarizing, and linking to videos on other services?

Geez the entitlement in the comments section here. You guys complaining that it's a shared video sound like a bunch of spoilt teens. Grow up. Fstoppers produces a large amount of original content and added to that, for your benefit, they also share content from other creators all here in a clear and well produced format. So stop the bloody complaining and go out and shoot something because complaining about nothing just makes you look like a knob.

David Pavlich's picture

Well, if you don't like the fact that FS links to videos, then maybe if you ask nicely, they'll refund your initiation fees that you paid to join FS.