DJI's Most Unique Product Yet

DJI's Most Unique Product Yet

We currently know DJI as one of the leading drone companies in the world. Recently, DJI has been releasing consumer products like the Osmo Pocket and Osmo Action, but their latest product is called the RoboMaster S1.

For those that don't know, DJI is a Chinese-based company who hosts RoboMaster out in Senzhen, China. This is one of the largest robotics competitions around the world and where DJI got the inspiration to create their latest product.

RoboMaster S1 is an educational robot designed to help people learn by doing. This newest tool from DJI allows users to learn hands on by being able to build and program the S1. On top of the learning aspect, this robot was also built to fight, with omni-directonal movement, target shooting, and an FPV driving experience, users can battle against each other like they would at the actual competition in Shenzhen.

My Honest Opinions

At first, I looked at this new product and thought it was silly. After thinking about it a bit more, I realized it had the potential to be very useful for educational purposes in their main markets, the US and China. As far as engineering and building these devices goes, I think DJI is providing a solution to get more people interested in robotics technology up front.

For a drone user like me, this product doesn't make very much sense at all. However, if I wanted to learn and understand some of the technology, the S1 could help provide some of the basics.

Is this product for everybody?

Absolutely not. I myself was not expecting DJI to release a product like this. To me it seems like more of a wildcard, but also another way for them to expand their market. Being that there are no other educational tools made with DJI's precision and build quality, I really think this could be a huge success for introducing engineering opportunities to a new generation.

Gaming With Friends

I was able to get some hands on time with the RoboMaster S1 to see how it performs. I even got to race and play against other people. The gaming allows you to shoot infrared beams at the others to reduce health points (HP), and the coolest part about this is you see them on your screen in an augmented reality type of way. The S1 also shoots pellets the same way they do in RoboMasters. You can watch the video to learn a little bit more about the competition. 


For people looking to learn about programing robotics and artificial intelligence, the S1 provides a great place to start. As technology becomes more and more sophisticated, we will have to adapt new ways to learn about it, which is really where this new product comes into play. Advanced coders can get in and program the S1, but the main application is to educate people who are just starting off. With a series of projects ranging from beginner to expert levels, Robo Academy offers video courses and guides that can teach people at any level.


I will say that for me, this has to be the most unique product launch DJI has ever had. Yet, in a way it almost makes sense to see a big tech company from China to launch a programmable robot for educational purposes. What are your thoughts on the RoboMaster S1? Can you see this being a successful product for DJI?

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Deleted Account's picture

You know China is amassing a force in the US, right?
First they send in the spy drones, harmless consumer gadgets that everyone wants and buys.
Now this? You actually build the armed force for them. Gets around the FBI FAA CIA TSA FDA whatever import issues of importing weapons of minor disruption.
THEN, when the country is saturated in them, a baddie of unseen proportions, strokes his fluffy white cat, does an evil chuckle and commands all robots to stand up and take control.

If you're not prepped yet, you better get prepping!

I'd love one anyway, looks a bit like the illegitimate child of a DYSON and BIG TRAK, the programmable 6 wheeler from the 80's which we actually used for delivering tea to dad, not blowing the shite out of him with a rocket launcher. <rolleyes>

Daniel Haußmann's picture

Watched Terminator before posting? :)

Deleted Account's picture

4x and I,Robot at least 6. ;)

I am replying to your comment with a limited amount of knowledge in English, but I am aiming to reply with respect for all opinions and fears, including yours.
Many people in the world are using US products that are more privacy invading than a drone or a driving robot, like these DJI products. Think about Facebook (2375 million users in Q1 2019), Apple products (728 million users for Iphone only) and Google (63% of the search engine users!!) to name a few.
The US is still the most powerful country in the world and in terms of political influence, the US is unparalleled, (also) leading to a huge amount of wars and related deaths.

When a Chinese drone company comes with an educational toy however, we should all be very careful about a Chinese force? I guess, because the US president says so? I am not sure if all the information your are reading, hearing or seeing on television are put into perspective sir. The fact that the NY Times is now removing political comics, might be proof that it isn't (anymore)? Just saying.

Don't take this the wrong way though. I like the US, its products and many other things that it has done for the world in general. I am from Belgium, so it is fair to say that the US freed my grand parents from the Nazis for example. And no, I am not happy with all Chinese political decisions, its local censorship and propaganda or the effect that it has globally.

All I am saying is: Put some things into perspective, be (better) informed, don't fear (too much), while being careful with all information and products, wherever they come from, including China and the US.
Not doing so, makes you dumber and vulnerable, whatever the country you are from.

Motti Bembaron's picture

I believe Mr. Rob was just having fun and being sarcastic playing on the overall fear the US shows towards China.

Deleted Account's picture

Exactly. I guess a splash of humour and sarcasm is lost here.

Motti Bembaron's picture

To be fair, he said that English is not his language. Language barriers can mask certain nuances. I know because I had my own struggle with English nuances 30 years ago :-)

The audience of English forums is almost always global in its nature.


Nick Viton's picture

Don't forget the man made islands they've built in the South China Sea.

Anthony Cayetano's picture

It it can be configured with a tripod mount then...

Awesome, you guys post a story about a new product as soon as it happens instead of the weeks that it normally takes.

Marc Perino's picture

Ok. It is for kids. When I first saw it I thought it was equipment for a SWAT team for terrorist encounters. 😬

So programming or not, why would you want your kid to learn on a "toy" that is essentially a weapon? Shooting beams, reducing health points??? Something is way out of line, if parents think this is appropriate for kids of ANY age? Future USMC of the future? You bury the cannon fodder that you raise...