Exploring the Camera Direction of David Fincher

"Fight Club" and "Se7en" Director David Fincher's distinct camera work has polarized film critics throughout his career. But with the release of "Mindhunter" on Netflix, this video delves into the nuts and bolts of Fincher’s style, and what this means to the audience.

We are huge fans of Evan Puschak's video essays that he publishes each week on his YouTube channel, Nerdwriter1, particularly his breakdown of techniques in modern cinema. By analyzing some of the most successful directors in history, Puschak always seems to provide a takeaway for budding filmmakers to try in their own work.

In his latest video, we see Puschak analyze Fincher’s articulate camerawork where he ensures the movements, pans, and tilts match the velocity of his subject. This perfect, rehearsed movement creates the illusion of feeling “locked in” with the character, as he so eloquently puts it. After watching “How David Fincher Hijacks Your Eyes,” I went away thinking about my own camera movements on my latest project and was more thoughtful about when and why I moved the frame.

Whether you are an experienced director, a beginner to shooting your own video, or simply a fan of cinema, I recommend subscribing to The Nerdwriter. It is some of the smartest yet entertaining short-form journalism available on YouTube today.

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That's precious.

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good stuff! thanks for posting.

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