Five Answers to Five Questions About Improving as a Landscape Photographer

How do you improve as a landscape photographer? That question is very hard to answer. I am not talking about settings, composition, or light. I am talking about “landscape photographer” in the broad sense. There is much more to being a landscape photographer than great photos.

In my latest video, I share five answers to five questions inspired by a bunch of questions from my audience on Instagram. It was interesting to see how many questions were based on the same thoughts concerning landscape photography. The questions were a bit tough, and some of them were harder to answer than others were. Some might not even have a definite answer. I try to answer them as honestly and precisely as possible.

How do you deal with expectations from an audience or customers versus your individual creative growth or change? How do you learn photography without actually photographing? What are the best landscape photography locations, and is that even a question that makes sense? How to gain real traction and growth on Instagram or any social media or medium through which you release your photos? And does gear really matter? Spoiler alert to the last question: yes, gear matters. But, does it really make better photos landscape photos?

You might ask how a question about getting traction on Instagram makes you a better landscape photographer? The point is to get to know the medium in which you present your photos, no matter if it is Instagram, galleries, exhibitions, publications or something else. This will make you more conscious about both your photography and in what direction you want to go as a landscape photographer.

I share my answers and thoughts in the video, with examples from myself and other photographers. The overall idea is to make you think and reflect on your personal journey through the phenomenon of “landscape photography.” This hopefully leaves you as a better landscape photographer.

Check out the video above, and let me hear your thoughts below.

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Brian Albers's picture

Not watching a 20 minute video for this. Boil it down to 3 minutes and I might.

You are missing great content. Mads' videos are top notch.