Five Tips to Record Better Audio With a Shotgun Mic

Of course, it is vitally important to have a good understanding of how to create a strong video, but without good audio to match, the final product is not going to be that great. This helpful video will show you five great tips to improve the quality of your audio when using a shotgun mic.

Coming to you from Kai W, this excellent video will show you five helpful tips to improve your audio when using a shotgun mic. One thing that immediately draws my attention away from a video is bad audio, while on the other hand, good audio can really add to the professionalism of a video. What makes a shotgun mic so useful is that it is highly unidirectional, meaning that when it is mounted on your camera, it generally picks up audio wherever you are pointing your camera, allowing you to hone in on the subject and exclude more extraneous audio that could potentially be distracting. It can be an excellent way to increase the quality of the audio of your video work without going to more complex and intricate solutions. Check out the video above for lots of helpful tips from Kai. 

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