Five Wedding Preparation Video Shots You Should Always Get

When you're shooting a wedding, the sheer number of shots you absolutely must get can be a bit overwhelming. This helpful video will show you five preparation shots you should always be sure to get.

Coming to you from Rob Adams of Adorama TV, this great video will show you five wedding prep shots you should always endeavor to get when you're shooting video. As you'll probably notice, Adams isn't just advocating getting certain moments because they're pivotal to the story of the day (though many are and shouldn't be missed), he's recommending you shoot them because they provide you with an abundance of footage with which to fill in gaps and make logical and smoothly flowing transitions. This in turn allows you to create a more cohesive timeline and a more immersive experience for the viewer. It's certainly not an easy task filming such a high-pressure day and not only getting the shots, but creating a compelling and smooth storyline, but knowing which shots you have to get in advance and giving yourself some wiggle room with extra footage will go a long way in ensuring you're successful. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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