A Full Walkthrough of the Sony a6400 Menu System

The new Sony a6400 APS-C mirrorless camera just started to ship to customers, and that means many people are going to need help getting through the convoluted menu system. Here's everything you need to know to get the most from the new camera.

In this thorough setup guide from Jason Vong, the Sony menu system is picked at item by item so that a6400 owners know exactly what their camera is doing, or how to change settings to suit personal taste. Even if you've owned a previous Sony Alpha camera, the a6400 has some new features not seen before such as time-lapse mode, real-time tracking autofocus, and a new custom button menu layout. Vong explains it all so that everyone can start on a level playing field in terms of knowing your camera.

In addition, Vong lays out some of his personal preferences so that in case all the options seem the same to you, you have his experience to guide you in the right direction.

The $898 Sony a6400 features a 24.2-megapixel APS-C Exmor sensor with 425 phase and contrast-detect autofocus points. One of the highlight features is a rear LCD touchscreen that can flip up 180 degrees for self portraits or vlogging. Check out my first-impressions review for all the information.

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Jan Kruize's picture

I heard, Sony menu’s are very complicated are they?

not complicated at all.. things are just in different places than in a canon or nikon body.. so the people moving from nikon and canon have a learning curve..

cameras are getting more and more technology.. more and more options.. which means more settings and more menus. none of the big manufacturers have really found a way around that yet. Sony's menus arent the best.. but i've been shooting sony for 4 yrs now.. i've never missed a shot bc of a menu.. i've never taken a bad shot bc of a menu.. if you take the time to learn the camera.. and stop trying to make it a canon or nikon.. it works just fine. is it the best menus.. no.. but it works

Jarrett Rathert's picture

I don't get all the hate sony menu systems get. Sure, it's different from Nikon and Canon, because it is a Sony. But if you think the menu's are hard to navigate then you need some serious help.