A Helpful Look at a Proper Video Editing Workflow

Video editing takes a lot of time and resources, and as such, it is important to establish a proper workflow that promotes efficiency. If you are new to video, check out this comprehensive look at a professional's video editing workflow.

Coming to you from DSLRguide, this helpful video will show you his video editing workflow. Video editing can be more involved than editing stills simply because of the size of the files and processing power involved, especially if you are working on a longer project. As such, it is important to set yourself up for maximum efficiency and to keep things organized and easier to manage. One simple trick that has always helped me is to rename my files before I import them. When I have a bunch of files with incomprehensible names of random letters and numbers, it can be really annoying trying to keep track of all of them and know what to put where. Giving them descriptive names makes a big difference. Check out the video above for lots of helpful tips.

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Brian Albers's picture

Or how about this?-

Edit how you want.

If anybody ever sees my projects, they’d run screaming from the room. But that doesn’t matter, because how I edit works for me. I organize stuff the way my brain likes stuff organized, and that (almost definitely) might not be how anybody else in the world would do it.

Also, different types of projects call for different styles of editing and different approaches to workflows. And on top of that, the way I edit a project can/will be different than the way I edit that same project had I started it a day earlier or a day later. Just depends on what my brain feels like doing that day, how much sleep I’ve had, how much caffeine I’ve had…