How to Cut Out Hair in Photoshop

Cutting out hair has always been problematic in Adobe Photoshop. There are several methods for selecting and masking hair, but finding the right technique depends on the complexity of your photo. 

When it comes to Photoshop, you can use various techniques for cutting out hair, such as creating an alpha layer, using Photoshop’s selection tools that work with their AI algorithm, or even using the lesser-known background eraser tool. If your photo has a solid background, then you might be lucky to mask the hair quickly; however, you have to choose the right method based on the complexity of the hair and the background of your photo.

Aaron Nace from Phlearn has been doing a 30 days of Photoshop challenge recently, and in this tutorial, he shares his technique for selecting and masking hair. Using the Photoshop 2020’s “select subject” feature, he demonstrates how to select and make fine adjustments on the subject and hair. With the detailed explanation of the refine edge tool inside the select and mask option, he shows how to deal with tiny stray hair that are hard to cut.

Which method do you use for selecting and masking the hair? 

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