How Direct Sunlight, Backlighting, and Artificial Light Affect the Look of Your Images

Few creative decisions have a bigger impact on the final look of your photos than your choice of lighting. Direct sunlight, backlighting, and lighting crafted from strobes all have their place, and this excellent video comparison will show you the different images you can achieve with each. 

Coming to you from Anita Sadowska, this fantastic video compares direct sunlight, backlighting, and strobe lighting. Personally, I think a mistake that a lot of newer photographers make is getting married to one style of lighting, thinking that it is the "correct" style. I firmly believe that every lighting style has its place, and it is up to the photographer to choose the correct one for the mood they want to convey. It is less about trying to get one specific setup to work for every image you want to make and instead choosing the setup that is most conducive to the photos you have in mind, which is why it is so important for photographers to be proficient in a wide range of lighting styles and setups and to understand the properties of light so they can craft setups from scratch as needed. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Sadowska. 

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