How to Easily Remove People from Your Frame: Yell at Them Really, Really Loudly!

Enduring hard travel just to have your photo ruined by other people is the worst!

You have spent thousands of dollars and hours upon hours to travel to the end of the world. You have fought blizzards, been stuck in snowdrifts, driven off the roads several times, destroyed your rental car, survived freezing nights, questioned several times why you were born with such an adventurous spirit that always brings you to the edge of what is possible for humans to endure, and finally arrived at your exotic, rough, and cold Nordic destination.

You battle the harsh winds, setting up your gear, and with frozen fingers, you adjust your ballhead, finding your composition and framing the shot. And, just when you are about to hit the shutter, some bloody wannabe landscape photographer walks into your frame.

You can feel how your body starts to heat up, how the rage builds up in your head, remembering all you have endured just to get this perfect exotic and unique photo, just to have it completely ruined by a person walking into your frame! It is not as if that person endured all you did, right? You came so far, and then, such an egomaniac just walks into your frame?! I mean, how inconsiderate can you be?! Who does that person think he is ruining your unique experience?! With the rage having built up to maximum level, you remember how to easily remove people from your frame: yell at them really, really loudly!

The local Icelandic photographer Óli Haukur, who often finds himself in these situations, shows in the short video above the best way to remove people from your frame. (Beware there's a bit of language.)

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Lars Daniel Terkelsen's picture

I just came to read the comments from the people (always non-scandinavians) who are not familiar with the concepts of satire and irony. Always an interesting read; so strangely fascinating.

Mads Peter Iversen's picture

Can't help but giggle inside :D

Mattias Hedberg's picture

I mean this is like classic straight-face Monty Python stuff. People who don't understand satire shouldn't be allowed out in public. /Scandinavian

Jonathan Reid's picture

For a lesson in satire and irony, ask the Australians. For a masterclass, ask the Kiwis.

user-156929's picture

Why "non-Scandinavians"??

Mike Kelley's picture

because in comparison, we're all a touch more dense

user-156929's picture

You mean we're more muscular or they're a little light? ;-)
Actually, I was serious. I'd never heard of satire or irony being especially associated with Scandinavians.

imagecolorado's picture

Any photographer who can't figure out how to get the shot he/she wants without being an a$$hol@, isn't a photographer. Your job as a photographer is to not photograph the distraction and to photograph the subject.

All that aside, the video is a joke. But some numb-skulls will take it seriously, bet on it.

Carl Murray's picture

Like, half the people in the comments section don't seem to get that it's a joke. XD

imagecolorado's picture

Another rule of comedy is, if you have to explain why the joke is funny, it's not really funny.

You'll never hit any higher than you aim.

Not convincing enough for me. Did someone try Karate? Or are there any tanks in Iceland? ;-)

Jay Jay's picture

Unable to find the Thumbs Down button for this article

Einar Gudmann's picture

Put the Cohen brothers, Quentin Tarantino, the Monty Pythons and Jim Carrey in a pot. In that order. Shake-don´t stir. The outcome is Icelandic humor.

barry cash's picture

Oli I love it you go dude! I personally would put a limit as to how high I jump and loud I whistle based on distance. My rule used to be 13 feet but now Im more inclined to whistle if they are say 50-100ft and jump and scream if more than 100 ft.

Im really depressed I have not been to Iceland to shoot and want to go there badly, but I heard the buses of people have ruined (are ruining the environment)

Hi people... I am Oli, the crazy, incredible rude/insane guy that made this video. Thank you all for all your comments... I had a blast reading through them :-)
I see some of you are not crazy about my stuff... and that is all good... if you try to please everyone you end up pleasing nobody :-)

I made another video few months ago... it does feature this short video, but... I also talk about this more seriously... so if you are interested to know where I really stand on the subject, this video explains it better.

But thank you for your interest... and Mads, thank you for introducing me to your friends :-)
Peace out!

Carl Murray's picture

I enjoyed the original video (haven't had time to watch this one yet!)! Keep up the good stuff! :)

David Glazebrook's picture

Loved the vid. If you enjoy a little satire, sarcasm, irony and more there's plenty of that in Australia .... c'mon on down!

Carl Murray's picture

"Have you ever.... ever felt like this?"

David Glazebrook's picture

"When strange things, are you going round the twist" :P