How I Create Warm Skin Tones in Glamour Photos Using Capture One and Photoshop

Another question I get asked quite a lot, and I am only happy to answer on my channel. Achieving glamour skin tones starts on set, of course, with your subject, and how you go about shooting your image, but post work to enhance it is a must as well. I created a 20 min video reviewing exactly what it is I often do, using Capture One for RAW processing and Photoshop CC14 for further color work in regards to skin tones.

The image in this tutorial is otherwise unedited beyond what you see me do with the color. When I finalize this image for real, I will likely noodle with lots of other details to get my final look. That said, the color work I discuss here is exactly my usual approach to a deep glamour skin tone. Keep in mind, every image is different and requires improvisation when you dive into them depending on countless details. This is, however, my most common plan of attack on prepping and finalizing skin tones (and subsequently overall tones of my glamour images).

Play around with the Before and After below, but note that the After image has other small tweaks and additions as well to show how a final (or near final) image looks after I adjust my colors for glamour skin tones. Please note this approach can and should be modified to suit your own color work tastes and style. Try it out and see what results you get, and let me know what you think!  

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Chris Knight's picture

Pretty awesome tips on skin tones!

Rafael Orczy's picture

great tips, thanks!

Erik Siekkinen's picture

Really interesting tips on color toning and finding that good skin color. Thanks, will give a try!

David Sklenář's picture

How do you create that before/after slider? :-) Thanks