How to Make Sure You Are Doing It Right When Following Your Passion

For everyone following their passion out there, as much as it feels good to be chasing it, it is also important to check on whether it is actually working out in the practical sense of life. In this video, Vanessa Joy delivers a list of pointers that will come in handy for that introspection. 

First up, it is very important to define why you are doing what you are doing. Are you doing it as a profession? Are you doing it for the love? Are you doing it in an obsessed way? There are ways to approach your craft, and once you have this foundation of understanding in place, you can look into the rest of things. You can start with goals. Short-term or long-term, goals are very important. Only then can you have some direction in the pursuit and measure the progress. Benchmarking your own milestones is very important too. Say you are a wedding photographer: parameters like how many weddings you did last year and this year matter a lot. You can come up with a list of benchmark events to compare and analyze your own performance. A good client management system will help you achieve this technically. It is about taking the help of technology and strategizing and planning to make sure your art is on track to progress and proceed positively. Without these strategic checkpoints and introspection, chances are you might continue to underperform or even get lost. Check out the full video to hear Vanessa Joy's take on this topic. 

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