How to Set Up a Photography Studio in a Small Space on a Budget

We would all love to have large, sprawling studios in which we can have the freedom to experiment and tackle any sort of job with ease, but the reality is that that simply is not the case for most of us. This helpful video will show you how to set up a working, versatile studio in a small space without spending a lot of money in the process.

Coming to you from Pixel Viilage, this great video shows the process of creating a photo studio in a small space and on a tight budget. While it would certainly be nice to have a large space with soaring ceilings, most of us will probably start off using a spare bedroom or some other small room for our studio work. I personally started by shoving my dining room table out of the way every time I wanted to shoot and cramming C-stands into a space roughly the size of a bathroom. What might surprise you, however, is just how much you can actually shoot in a smaller space and how much good that will do your skills, allowing you to really stretch your wings when you move into something larger. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Felix Valeri's picture

Prior to my Divorce, we converted the Garage into a studio
in my current house, I re-arrange the Living room and dinning room(open floor) furniture to do my shoots
I use my TV and a place to review the images after the shoot (computer is connected to it) I put everything back in place while the models are reviewing the images

Ash G's picture

hi felix, some friendly unsolicited advice:
You could’ve written that comment without bringing up your divorce. Don’t be someone that finds any excuse to bring up their ex, It’s not a good look. I’m not saying that’s what you’re doing, but just in case...

Felix Valeri's picture

Actually had nothing to do with my ex, we're on good terms