How to Use V-Mount Batteries and Why You Need Them

It's one of the world's most popular battery formats. Here's what you need to know about V-Mount batteries.

Not all batteries are the same, and not all V-Mount batteries are the same either. It’s important to understand the trade offs and benefits you’ll need to choose. Hopefully, this quick video keeps people from buying the wrong batteries for their kit.

Personally, I like slimmer batteries. It just happens that the gear I usually power doesn’t need too much juice, so I can get away with it. I also toss a V-Mount in my bag when I travel anywhere (even by car) because I can charge my phone via USB ports on the side of some batteries. Bear in mind that you'll need to bring these batteries in your carry-on luggage when you fly.

If you’re considering making the plunge, look into a bundle deal that comes with a charging dock. It’s a real pain to charge each battery separately via D-Tap, and you’re carrying less on the road. IDX is a staple brand, but expect to pay the price for that reliable name. If you’re looking to dip your toe in the water, then Watson’s intro kit is my recommendation. I actually used this battery to charge my phone for a week abroad, since it has a built in USB port. Also, be aware that some batteries are taller, and appear slimmer as a result.

The most reassuring part about buying a V-Mount or Gold Mount battery is that they’ll last. I don’t see either format going anywhere. As LED fixtures draw less power and gain efficiency, your old batteries will still work just fine. It might be worth bundling your V-Mount purchase with a gym membership though, to help with the added weight in your kit bag.

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Lee Christiansen's picture

There certainly are batteries and there are batteries...

I'll put a good word in for PAG batteries, which are in my opinion one of the best brands in the world. A UK company, I've been using them for my whole broadcast career, (some 25 years) and they've never let me down - not once.

I seem to get an amazing lifespan out of my sets and my current L96 batteries are about 5 years old and still show 100% capacity. They're built like tanks, mine have a % readout for accurate useage readings and PAG's newest developments are really groundbreaking.

I've found their customer service to be truly outstanding and I've literally felt like one of the family if I pop to their offices here in London - cup of tea and a chat every time.

I'm not affiliated with PAG, and I pay full market price for my batteries so this is just a happy customer writing.

Batteries and chargers are something not to be skimped on - particularly with Li-Ion. Ther is far more under the bonnet than just mere specs. Build quality and design are every bit as important as pwer ratings and go faster stripes.

Stephen Kampff's picture

Thanks for the recommendation, I haven't ever seen one in the wild before. I'm hesitant to give up my go faster stripes but would totally swing for one.

Kang Lee's picture

TBH, most third-party batteries are rebranded Rolux batteries, they all come from the same factory