The Importance of Client Communication Skills in Wedding Photography

In an age where competition is the norm, good communication skills will give you the edge when it comes to client relationships. Especially in wedding photography, where the clients inquire with multiple photographers at the same time, communication is the key to stand out. In this video, Vanessa Joy shares her two cents on the significance of client communication today.

Interestingly, what was termed as "communication skills" is not the same anymore. For instance, in the past, it was the face-to-face communication, but with everyone using their smartphone and laptop today, it is a huge shift of medium. Digital media is the new face of your client, and you have to be tech-savvy to handle it well. Facebook, Instagram, and more, the clients reach out to you today on many social networks. You have to reciprocate, and that’s just not enough. You have to be fast too, like within 24 hours of the inquiry. You response time will define if the client will invest interest in you or not. Be it the website or social media, whatever work you post, make sure it reflects the style that you want the client to associate with you. For this and more, check out the full video to get ahold of what Joy is sharing on this topic.

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