Learn All About In-Camera Transitions

In-camera transitions can seem to be a very easy technique to shoot, but they require deeper understanding than you might think. In this video, Jesse Driftwood explains in detail how to go about working with a sequence of clips, preplanning your shot, whipping and panning accordingly, and bringing it all together in post-production.

Apart from adding so much value to video production for vlogs, music videos, and films, in-camera transitions, if used effectively, can be used to convey meaning and give a flow to the visuals. Jesse Driftwood also breaks down a video sequence and shows the viewers a step-by-step guide to control the transitions. To further show how transitions work, Jesse works on stock footage and gives us a peek into his editing workflow. His way of using examples in and around his studio also helps us to understand how much we can use the subjects right beside us to create the effects that we see very often on YouTube. The knowledge of beginning a shot, ending a shot, panning in the right direction, whipping to and from a certain subject, and continuing the flow of each separate video clip is wonderfully explained in this video. 

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Justin Punio's picture

These are the types of transitions that will never go out of style.