Learn How to Make Five Cinematic Movements Within Adobe Premiere

Camera movements can take great footage and push it over the edge to make it spectacular. This awesome tutorial will walk you through five such movements that you can create all from within Premiere Pro. 

Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful tool for editing your video work, and much like Photoshop, its capabilities grow as you dig deeper into it. Such are the five effects you'll learn in this tutorial, including a pan/slide (be sure to scale the video if needed to avoid showing black areas), a zoom, a rotation (again, you might have to scale to avoid black areas in the corners), tracking/sliding, and a three-dimensional camera movement that really opens up a shot by tucking away the foreground as if one were moving the camera over the top of it. One thing to note as you watch this tutorial: err on the side of keeping the effects subtle. If you overdo it, it'll look contrived and artificial. Notice how most of the adjustments Dodson makes are on the order of about five percent and take a fairly significant amount of time to unfold, yet are still effective. Be sure to share your results in the comments! 

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Cool. If you're using FCPX or considering FCPX all of these moves can be done without keyframes. Either by building your move once in Motion or by using something like AddMotion by osmFCPX, or GrowShrink and Smooth Move by Alex4D and all of his other free FCPX plugins ;)

For a great article on working without keyframes check out "War on Keyframes" here:


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Brilliant video! Thanks for sharing!