Learn How This Two-Light Portrait Was Shot and Edited

One you have started to get the hang of the basics of how light works and you feel comfortable with portraits setups using a single strobe, the next step is to move up to two-light setups, of course. This awesome video will show you how such a photo was lit, shot, and edited.

Coming to you from Francisco Hernandez, this great video will show you how he created a two-light outdoor portrait. Having a second light is often quite useful, as it can act as fill or a rim light to help separate the subject from the background (look at the final image here and consider how the subject's dark hair would have blended into the dark background if it wasn't for the second light). What I particularly appreciate about this series is that Hernandez shows you his attempts before capturing the final image, discussing what went wrong or what he didn't like and how he adjusted things to improve the final image. It's great insight into the thoughts of the photographer on set and can help you anticipate some of the issues you might encounter and understand how to fix them. Check out the video above for the full rundown! 

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