Making a Stylized Outdoor Portrait

What can you do to make your outdoor shots stand out from the crowd? With a great location and a great model, you are set to get a successful series of shots, but how creative can you get? The one ingredient of a creative outdoor shoot is a simple yet strong theme. 

It all starts with the vision of the photographer. As in what kind of image do you want to make? Is it going to be about colors, fashion, or environment? It can be a mix of all of these too, but you have to previsualize the shot effectively. In this case, Gavin Hoey attempts to create a stylized portrait with the model in a red dress. The delight is the way he creates an ambience by introducing props and improvising on location. This mood and character will set the context for the entire shoot, so choose your props carefully. The camera settings are simple and aimed towards the shot you will take. The major factors that you have to take care of are the external elements like the sunlight, the wind, etc. No matter how sharp you have it on paper, there would still be surprise elements from nature, and you have to address them all. It is about trial and error to achieve the perfect shot. 

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Mark Smith's picture

I don't get it. What kind of a way is that to sit in a chair? Outside. With a lamp.

chrisrdi's picture

I sat in a chair like that all the time when i was a kid playing my gameboy. I regret it now. Muh aching back!

yanpekar's picture

Just curious, so I could understand. What is the reason for faking it instead of creating a natural looking / not posed portrait showing personality of a person? How many times have you seen a lady sitting in a fancy chair in the middle of a field, with a lamp?? There is nothing wrong about having a stylised portrait but when all articles have connection to tell a story or match personality of a person. Here, there are things that do not have any connection to the model, or between themselves.

Motti Bembaron's picture

Great job guys. I love the red color everywhere.