No Matter How Good You Become, You Will Still Take Bad Photos Sometimes

I'm sure you have some favorite photographers you follow on Instagram or the like whose every image seems impossibly good, so much so that it can sometimes feel like you're chasing an impossible standard of achievement. Well, guess what. I guarantee you they take bad images too.

Coming to you from Manny Ortiz, this great video will help to reset your expectations if you've grow a bit too hard on yourself in terms of your photographic growth lately. It can be easy when you see the work of a talented photographer to think that they are so dialed in technically and creatively that they simply always put out quality images. And while it's not to say that they're not talented, that's simply not true. Every photographer (especially the good ones) experiments, and those experiments don't always go well. Every photographer makes mistakes. The key is to constantly work at your creative side and technique to minimize the chances of a mistake happening during a crucial moment and to hone your ability to find new and promising ideas. And while there will always be ups and downs, try to remember that constant perfection simply isn't an achievable goal for anyone. We can all always improve. 

Lead image by Mohamed Almari, used under Creative Commons.

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Robert Nurse's picture

These words are so true yet so hard to remember especially on those days when you suck. But, sucking one day motivates me to get back out there!

michael buehrle's picture

manny rocks.

Yup, we all suck sometimes.
Practice reduces the number of sucky photos but good editing/culling cannot be overstated.