Photographing Details in Weddings

A wedding day is full of details, and photographing them aptly will give you a variety of images to present in the wedding album. As simple as it sounds, it is important that you are prepped prior. Here is a video of Vanessa Joy sharing her two cents on this topic. 

A wedding is all about the couple, but let us not forget the attention paid to the little things that makes the event beautiful. Beauty lies in the details. And capturing it is a delightful experience, given you have a list of things ready to be ticked. Start with simple things like the invitations, wedding rings, and shoes, and see how creative you can get in capturing them. It is not about shooting the obvious but portraying the emotion attached to it. Try contrasting backgrounds so the element in focus pops out. Play with reflections, and shape your light to bring out some drama. Mind your settings, as in, are you going to use a prime lens or a macro lens? It depends on the perspective you want to deliver. Remember to move around and shoot in different locations so there is variety in the storytelling you do. Now, hop on to the video and get a full rundown on this subject. 

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Nice post, details are my favorite too, i feel i get to be a bit more creative and obviously don't have anyone else around mostly and just get to play

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nice post