Photoshop Video Tutorial #1: Layers from The Beginners Basics Series

Photoshops Layers. You gotta know 'em. Without knowledge of Layers, you are not going to go anywhere in Photoshop, and I mean literally nowhere. I can't think of a more foundational function in the program than Layers. So if you're just starting out, this video series is ideal for you beginners because it discusses the basic use of Layers in just 5 minutes. Sure, Layers can get much more involved and complicated, but if you don't understand them at all, maybe this will get you started.

So as the first installment of the Beginners Basics Series, I quickly review Layers in Photoshop, and their most basic functions. If you have no idea how to Photoshop at all, this is a great place to start. No assumptions are made, and the basic details are reviewed.

I'll be popping off to Vegas this weekend for WPPI, but these videos will continue when I get back on Wednesday. Are you going to WPPI? If so, maybe we'll run into ya!

I created the Beginners Basics Series for you, the complete and total beginner. A demographic I think is under-represented in the online video tutorial world for Photoshop. Video shows Photoshop CC14, with the interface modified to how I prefer it. Any version back to CS6 will still be relevant to this tutorial.  These videos and more can also be found on my Master Classes Facebook Page (warning: glamour).

And if you're after more intermediate or advanced Photoshop retouching information, remember that Fstoppers never lets you down on that subject.

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