Photoshop Video Tutorial #7: Filters from The Beginners Basics Series

Brand new to Photoshop? Literally got hooked up on Adobe Creative Cloud last week? If so, more than likely you're fumbling around trying to make sense of the damn thing, and are looking for some help. Online videos about Photoshop techniques number in the hundreds of thousands, and it's quite likely you've watched at least half of those by now. If you've had trouble finding video tutorials for you, the bare bones beginner, then my Beginners Basics Series videos are for you, and I welcome you to check out Lesson #7: Filters. 

I created the Beginners Basics Series for you, the complete and total beginner. A demographic I think is under-represented in the online video tutorial world for Photoshop. Video shows Photoshop CC14, with the interface modified to how I prefer it. Any version back to CS6 will still be relevant to this tutorial.  These videos and more can also be found on my Master Classes Facebook Page (warning: glamour).

And if you're after more intermediate or advanced Photoshop retouching information, remember that Fstoppers never lets you down on that subject.

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