Quick Tips to Photographing a Bride Getting Ready

The sessions of a bride getting ready are a treat to shoot, especially when you have a few basics tips instilled in your mind already. In this video, Vanessa Joy for Adorama shares her two cents on how to shoot bridal getting ready sessions effectively. 

It is the beginning of the wedding ceremony, one can say, when the bride gets ready. And there is a set routine to it; the makeup person comes and starts to work, and then the attire, and the accessories, and so much more. It is good for the photographer to have a hold of this flow prior to shooting so shots can be categorized accordingly and the timing understood.

Naturally, there are two kinds of brides: the one who lets you be in the room all the way along and the other one who requests some privacy when she gets ready and then brace up for a shoot session exclusively. According to the one you are shooting, you have to plan your shooting style. It is good to use your waiting time to shoot the details like the hanging gown or the resting shoes. Naturally, it is good to place the bride near a light source, say a wide window, and use the light to your advantage. Playing with the direction of the light will establish the mood and character in the picture. Watch the full video and get a hang of the thoughts that Joy shares on this topic.

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