Setting Up and Shooting Headshots Inside a Studio

A lot more goes into a headshot session than what it looks like on the final output. And it takes the perfect marriage between the photographer and the subject to arrive at the best headshots. In this video, Vanessa Joy shares her thoughts using a behind the scenes video and explains the process. 

Needless to say that as a photographer, you have to ensure that the setup is well in place before the client arrives so you can utilize the time to take shots effectively. Also, it looks good to the client as to how prepared you are. It is all about getting the client to become comfortable in front of the camera. It is essential, because you don't want the subject to look alienated in the headshots. He/she is at their best self only when they are in an eased mindset. Try showing the test shots you take and discuss with the subject about the kind of angles they prefer. It is the combination of the photographer's expertise and the subject's expectations that will click in the end. Once you have this synergy going, everything else falls in place. From posing, to lighting, to execution, watch the full video to know what Joy has to share on this topic.  

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Linnea Lenkus's picture

I did headshots when I first started, but quickly tired of it. When you do headshots you also have to be part therapist. It got draining.