Three Different One-Light Setups Using V-Flats

V-flats are one of the most useful lighting items a studio photographer can have. In fact, they can allow you to create much more complex lighting setups just by shaping a single light. This great video will show you how you can create three different lighting setups using just a single strobe and some v-flats.

Coming to you from V-Flat World, this great video will show you three different one-light studio setups using v-flats. If you have not seen them before, v-flats are like giant freestanding reflectors and flags that are hinged in the middle (V-Flat World's version also fold down for more portability). The reason they're so useful is that you can use the black side to deepen shadows and increase contrast and the white side as a reflector. They also work great as flags. In addition to shaping and controlling light, they can also be used as backdrops if needed. This allows you to create more complex lighting setups via the combination of a single light and the v-flats. Of course, they are only meant for indoor use, as any bit of wind will make them fly away, but they will make your life significantly easier in the studio. Check out the video above to see all three setups. 

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Emmanuel Vivier's picture

Very nice one... realy clear and simple!

Adam Chandler's picture

Great video! Very instructive!

Andy Day's picture

That was excellent.