Three Ways to Make Skin Look Smoother in Videos

The nice thing about still photography is that you can easily retouch a photo and fix any skin blemishes before you present it to the world. But it's not as easy with video, and it's important to take care to render your subject's skin in a flattering fashion before you even begin recording. This helpful video will show you three ways to improve the smoothness of your subjects' skin on camera.

Coming to you from Daniel Schiffer, this great video will show you three ways to soften your subject's skin in video work. You might not be surprised to see using larger, softer light sources, as these produce less contrasty images with softer shadows, thereby creating less hard textures and giving the appearance of smoother skin. On the other hand, the Black Pro-Mist filter is a bit less well known. Generally designed for video work, these filters work to reduce highlights and overall contrast with less loss of detail than something like a soft focus filter. They're an interesting option along with the more traditional routes mentioned in the video. Check out the video above for all the methods as well as some helpful examples of how to use them and the effects they'll have. 

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This is interesting to me; I never saw the point of high res and super sharp lenses for portraiture, because I don't want to see every pore and blemish on the skin.

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I love Daniel Schiffer!! Great Share.

3. Lower sharpness/contrast in camera profile