Tips for Getting Your Wedding Photos Published in Magazines and Blogs

Seeing your work published in print form is an especially fulfilling feeling. This helpful video will give you seven tips to increase your chances of getting your wedding work published in magazines or on blogs.

Coming to you from Chelsea Nicole Photography, this great video will give you seven helpful tips for getting your wedding work published in magazines and blogs. Getting your work published is about more than just the satisfaction of seeing it recognized by publications, though there's something wonderful about that happening. More than that, it can drastically broaden your reach by getting your photos in front of many more potential clients and adding additional legitimacy to your brand. As Nicole mentions, try not to be discouraged if you get a few rejections at first. While we can all always stand to improve our work, remember that when it comes to having yours selected for publication, there's a lot more that goes into it than just its quality. Factors outside of your control and that you might not even be aware of are frequently at play, so try not to take a rejection too personally, and keep persevering. Give the video above a watch for all the tips!

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