What Happens When Four Photographers Shoot the Same Model?

The neat thing about photography is how different photographers can have vastly different creative ideas and interpretations of the same subject. This awesome video follows four photographers as they shoot the same model; see what they came up with! 

Coming to you from Jessica Kobeissi and friends, this fun video follows them as they all photograph the same model in various spots around Tokyo. Each of the four photographers got to choose the location and wardrobe for the model before they set about shooting. I always enjoy watching these challenges, as they really help me to expand my own creative palette. Seeing how different photographers shoot the same subject can help you to find new ways of looking at things, as you'll see angles, lighting, compositions, etc. that might have never crossed your mind otherwise. Even if you don't like a certain stylistic choice and wouldn't ever use it in your own work, simply seeing it can inspire new ideas or give you more perspective on your own creative decisions, which is why I think it is a worthwhile study for any photographer interested in improving their craft. Check out the video above to see how each of the photographers did!  

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Richard Mills's picture

No, they all take different pictures of the model in 4 different places and 4 different outfits (each pairing picked by each of the photographers).

Randy Nicholson's picture

Really enjoyed the video and showing familiar locations to me - nostalgia. I would like to see this done when nobody is watching one another. I agree everyone has their own style and approach but it would be great to see what overlap there may be when nobody knows what the others have done.

Chase Wilson's picture

Shooting starts almost 4:00min in

John Dawson's picture

I haven't watched the video because I don't shoot people, but I'd guess that the obvious answer is that you get four different photographers' perspectives on the same model.

Jan Kruize's picture

Funny.... we have a photographic gallery and we had a project that started an project in october. 15 model photographers were invited and together they had chosen a model. They all photographed her and now an exhibition is going with the pictures. They all had their own idea and worked it out with this model.

I hope and prey they processed the images in Capture One as it can do six things that Lightroom can't.

Percy Ortiz's picture

It started with 2 photographers, then 3, now 4? I wonder how many photographers it will take until we get bored...