What Sort of Camera Strap Is Right for You?

Of all the accessories that come with photography, your camera strap is probably not one you think about very often (if at all). However, with several pounds hanging off your neck for often hours at a time, it is something you should give a bit of consideration, and there are more options than you might have realized. This great video will show you a variety of straps, what they are useful for, and how they can improve your comfort.

Coming to you from Mike Smith, this excellent video will show you different camera straps and how they are used. A lot of people simply stick with the default strap that came with their camera. I was certainly guilty of this, but as I started using larger and heavier bodies and lenses, I became increasingly uncomfortable, as the strap had no give and had no ventilation. One of the best investments I ever made was buying a premium strap that had a ton of cushion and ventilation and elastic connectors to give the camera a bit more give. As far as general photography accessories go, it was quite affordable, and it has made a huge difference in my comfort level. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Smith. 

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Gary Pardy's picture

Just picked up the Peak Design Leash - slim, but goes nicely with my X-T30

Paul Asselin's picture

Seems to be fixated on Peak Design. I went with Cotton Carrier products and am very happy.

Never Mind's picture

I had a look at those, but the camera plate looks like thicker than an oreo cookie, and the bag clip rather bulky too. Also, I don't see anything to secure lock the camera in place. It looks like a bit unsafe if you do trekking activities.

Paul Asselin's picture

The plate is rather thick but not overly so. I don't use the bag clip but I use the belt harness that holds the camera and long lenses very securely at your hip. Slip it in and let it hang. There is a safety tether as well. The belt allows you to attach other small accessory bags to hold another lens or other items.

Dan Seefeldt's picture

I just use the giant hemp looking straps my dad and uncle used in the 60's - 80's.

Captain Jack R's picture

I dislike my Peak Design shoulder strap clip. It is hard to set in place. It sounds like sandpaper grinding every time I set my camera into it. It's hard to extract my camera from the clip. I've missed so many shots trying to get it out. It one of the worst things I've ever purchased, but I really need it for I carry my bag on my back all the time. Straps just don't work. I have a better hand strap than Mike has. I have a second strap that goes around my wrist. Which allows my hand to move further away from the camera body. I can even grab things with my hand or press buttons on my camera because of the extra distance. My hand strap connects well with my battery grip which allows me to change batteries very easily without having to remove the strap. The one Mike has is cheap crap in my opinion. Had he invested in a better hand strap he might have had a much better experience.

Joseph Kolnick's picture

Captain Jack R Exactly! I agree with you on so many levels.. I maybe used my strap twice and it drove me crazy.. I don't even know if I should consider trying another strap.. my experience was horrendous

Rob Mulligan's picture

I've used only 1" Domke Grippers as my neck, wrist strap for decades. They're stealthy, strong, comfortable, and inexpensive. Also, being only an inch wide, they double wrap on my wrist perfectly, so never a dropped camera. I also use single and double slings, but that's a different animal entirely.

Jon Kellett's picture

I use the Peak Design Sling (large) when using my 200-600 and a PD Clip clone for the 24-105. I'll definitely replace the clone with an original PD clip this year though.

I used to use the wrist strap that he showed, but it was way too cumbersome. In the end I just got the Peak Design equivalent, however it is a little tight sometimes. Something wider would be nice.

As for why Peak Design - New Zealand. Great place, but limited options on brands.

Dave McDermott's picture

I find the bigger straps like Peak Design are too bulky when using with mirrorless cameras. I have an A7III which is small and lightweight so a basic camera strap works fine.

KH Ching's picture

OpTech still my fave... I wonder why so less mention of this brand now

Mark Harris's picture

Me too. Have been using them for 10 years, but recently got a new camera and forgot to put an Op-tech on it for my first job and it felt like it weighed 50% more that day.