Why Makeup Matters in a Portrait Shoot

When shooting a portrait, we focus on the lighting, the model, the equipment, and the accessories, but one factor often overlooked is the importance of a professional makeup artist. Quality makeup elevates the output. In this video, Gavin Hoey emphasizes how a professional makeup artist brings a difference to a portrait shoot. 

The lighting he chooses is simple, which you can see in the video. Hoey puts himself in two scenarios. In the first one, he has the makeup artist do quick and basic makeup for the model, the kind of makeup that a model does on her own on a quick note. He goes on to take a series of shots, and the results are good, but there is a variation of tone between the face and the neck and also with the hands when the model improvises her posing. In the second scenario, he lets the makeup artist take quality time to do the makeup. And then, he heads over to the shoot. The results were naturally better than the first scenario, and what's more important is to understand what made the difference. Apart from the fact that the makeup artist took the time to work on the details, the availability to retouch the model anytime during the shoot to make adjustments is another added advantage. This way, one can try shooting multiple looks in the same session. All these merits come at a cost as every other service does, and you must include it in your scope when working on a project. 

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