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This is my public service announcement, about the dangers of alcohol abuse.
Every day someone, somewhere is spilling their drink!

Just imagine the wino on skid row, he or she has spent a couple of hours toiling and bumming for the banknotes to get a bottle of thirst slaking after shave, then upon taking the first refreshing sip he stumbles and falls with the bottle ricocheting onto the concrete pavement into a brick wall and shattering, that my friends is alcohol abuse!

Or ponder the angst filled drama of a frat house party gal. Dispensing golden lager from a keg into a beautifully red colored polystyrene cup, only to turn around and collide with the Dean, in his finest Merino wool tweed jacket! The amber hued imported brew flies into the air at an acute angel, cascading down like the Angel Falls during flood season, drenching both. With her bosom heaving, standing akimbo she looks at the roguish Dean, he at her...

While the previous vignette had a “happy” ending, just remember it began with alcohol abuse.
Please be careful and mindful; Only you can stop sexy sexy alcohol abuse!

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William Howell's picture

Oops, I forgot to mention, this was captured in camera.