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3.56 - "Excellent" 

One of my favorite composites because it has no fantastic elements to it like I usually add, just going for realism. They were sitting on a bench in my studio and every other element was either drawn or crafted from stock images I've taken through the years. Shot at f8 for sharpness with b800s with a 5d Mark 3.

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Dominic Deacon's picture

My god that's impressive!

Ibrahim Touhami's picture

The only flaw to me is the right side of the piano (looks like bad cgi) otherwise it's well done.

David Love's picture

Just the style of the piano they used that I had to build to resemble. Very boxy.

Corey Weberling's picture

Now that's more like it. Super well done. Believable. Although I agree with the others. The piano seems like it should have a bit more texture on it or something to make it totally believable.

David Love's picture

I researched the hell out of this type of piano. Can't remember what it's called but it just shiny box wood. Not a lot of texture to it and I just follow the light reflections around it. You can see it in the Interview with a Vampire movie.

Corey Weberling's picture

Nice. Well either way, looks awesome. That's just the one part that my brain goes "That seems like a painting." A very awesome painting....but none-the-less.

Robert Tran's picture

Your work is really inspiring, David. Just curious about your workflow. In the process of compositing, if you find that you need a prop or particular item (not already in your library of images), have you typically found it faster to manipulate stock or to setup and shoot based on the lighting you need?

David Love's picture

Always prefer to shoot with same lighting if I can. Some have someone flip their capes or hair but I just have them wave the cape around or shoot stock of the hair so I can add it later. Or sometimes if I don't have stock I will just create from scratch.

Gene Wick's picture

Pro level work. Visually stunning and believable.

Tavita Tata's picture

Just a cool idea to do this shot. It looks fantastic and the models are giving a great performance.