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3.23 - "Solid" 

In an alternate universe, the dinosaurs have been awaken by a group of cientifics to fullfield their curiosity as an experiment, to mix machines with this semigods, but the experiment went horribly wrong and now the dinosaurs rule the world again, but this time, they have evolved to more intelligent raze and with biomechanical weapons embedded on their bodies.

I just love use Photoshop as a toy and let my inner child to play with pictures in it. It always exciting what could come out withouth having a solid sketch from the begining, just playing arround and let the creative mind flow with the software.

At least I always try to do some concept blending at the begining, you know, mixing two or more concepts withouth judging them like a 5 years old childs imagination does.

Here is the making of:

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Awesome, stunning, incredible! Although I really don't like the "topic" of this shot, it is absolutely amazing.

I respect your point of view and I appreciate it Jens

I would like that green tone in background follow the subject in terms of color balance (reflection syndrome). Anyway fantastic work!

I appreciate it Radisa,

The only thing I can say about this is to add some texture to the guns, and maybe some shadows from the cables on the dinosaur. Other than that mate, you have a world class image here, something that would probably get used for a movie poster.

Thank you so much, I think you are right with the feedback, some dirty stuff would make it look more interesting, right now looks very clean haha, thanks for that Griggith!

Definitely. Looks good though mate. I'm jealous of it. Something I'd love to get into, but gonna get my photography better and my photoshop skills better, then 3D is coming into my life.

CGI is love man :)!